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  What do I have to do different?  
  The first thing to know is that you must create a control file in order to make your animation interactive. You must also remember when making the control file that the animation is no longer played in order by the player, you must specify each frame to play and the order to play them. While this may seem like a pain it will allow for the most freedom in making interactive animations.  
  What is a control file?  
  The DC Animator control file is a set of commands that run an interactive animation  
  Here is a slightly modified version of the DC Animator 2 demo along with the files used to make it.  
  Control file format  
  A control file is a text file with commands listed one pre line.
  • lines whose first character is # are comments
  • command format is: command( arg1, arg2, etc ); - just like C/JAVA
  • labels may precede commands for the purpose of jumps, they can be made up of alpha-numeric characters and the underscore and must be folloed immediatly by a colon
  • the list of args funtions take are:
    • frame - the number of a picture from the .lcd file, starting with 1
    • button list, see below
    • label - a label to go to
    • repeat - the number of times to repeat
    • delay - the number of 1/12ths of a second to delay
    • number - a decimal number
  • a button list is a string of capital letters without spaces between them from the following list:
    • A - A button
    • B - B button
    • U - up on directional pad
    • D - down on directional pad
    • L - left on directional pad
    • R - right on directional pad
    • e.g ABU - is A, B, and d-pad UP
  • this is the list of supported commands:
    • draw_frame( frame ); - draws a frame from the .lcd file - NOTE: the player WILL still delay the amount specified in the .lcd file
    • clear_screen; - clears the screen (all white)
    • invert_screen; - flips all bits on screen white to black, black to white
    • slide_right_white; - slides the contents of the screen of to the right and fills with white
    • slide_right_black; - slides the contents of the screen of to the right and fills with black
    • slide_left_white; - slides the contents of the screen of to the left and fills with white
    • slide_left_black; - slides the contents of the screen of to the left and fills with black
    • if_buttons_goto( buttons, label ); - goto label if all buttons in list are down
    • if_a_button_goto( buttons, label ); - goto label if any button in list is down
    • unless_buttons_goto( buttons, label ); - goto label unless all buttons in list are down
    • until_buttons_wait( buttons ); - wait until all buttons in list are pressed
    • until_a_button_wait( buttons ); - wait until a button in list is pressed
    • while_buttons_wait( buttons ); - wait while all buttons in list are pressed
    • goto( label ); - goto label
    • play_sound( number, repeat, delay ); - play sound number repeat times with delay pause between, sound list:
      • 1 - buzz
    • delay( delay ); - wait delay 12ths of a second
    • restart; - start the animation over from the beginning
    • exit; - quit the animation


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