That's a pretty complex insult, for a drunk.
  Last Update - Tue Jan 11 20:23:03 2000 CST  
  January 6  
  • 6:11pm - fixed a bug in Saved games that wouldn't allow saved created in 2000 to be uploaded.
  January 5  
  • 9:01pm - DC Animator is done too. Both still have some "Click here" links in them but all the user login/management ones are gone. Most of the rest will be gone soon too.
  • 8:37pm - Saved games now allows you to log in and out and other user functions without the extra pages with the "Click here to return" links. DC Animator is next, then the message boards.
  January 1  
  • Happy New Year!
  December 30  
  • 7:09pm - Saved games now list game size
  • 6:49pm - fixed bug in saved game uploading that would not upload the complete save if it was more than 128 pages
  December 29  
  • 1:23am - Public saved games are now grouped by game name and by country.
  • 12:07am - Saved games now flag new saves, i.e. saves uploaded within the past three days. This, of course, means that all saves are marked as new at the moment.
  December 27  
  • 8:19pm - Saved games are online, you will need a Nexus 4X card and software to make uploads (at the moment), but anyone can download them in a manner much like DC Animator. Public saves are up as a big list, they will be grouped by game soon. Anyone uploading, please make sure you go into the 'Change Info' link at set the game name and country to aid in public sorting.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: since VMU mini-games contain copyrighted game code in them, you cannot (for now at least) upload VMU mini-games; fear not mini-game authors there will be a solution for you soon.
  December 26  
  December 25  
  • Merry Christmas!
  November 25  
  • I'll be home for Thanksgiving till at least 9pm tonight
  November 24  
  • 12:24pm - DC Animator player 2.0.4 is up, minor speed fix
  • 9:32pm - fixed a problem in anim.fcgi that was not detecting when invalid frame numbers were passed into draw_frame
  • 3:21pm - made another change to anim.fcgi to try and elimate the DreamKey problem, based on info from Snowblower99's posts
  November 23  
  • started this file to keep people informed about what's going on
  • fixed a problem with yesterdays cookie change that stopped people from being able to change their passwords
  November 22  
  • cookie format simplified to attempt to fix DreamKey problem
  • public animation approval step removed
  • animations are now sorted newest to oldest
  • message board links appear in the list mode of all message boards
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